Make an Impact at an Expo Without Spending a Fortune

Expos and Trade Shows are a fantastic opportunity to get your brand in front of lots of new eyes. There is no easier way to appeal to your target audience together in the same place, so it's important to really stand out from the crowd and deliver a unique experience and point of view. Sometimes brands think that "bigger is better", but spaces at trade shows can be as expensive as $800 per square metre – so we've put together some ideas to help you get more bang for your buck.

Think "Outside the Box" – Literally

While a dedicated exhibition booth makes a great "home base", think about activities you can do away from your stand to drive traffic there. Perhaps team up with a similar or complementing brand to run a joint activity? Another way to customers' hearts is through their stomachs, so a destination like a pop-up barista cart is the perfect way to create a memorable interaction between you and a potential new customer. Guerrilla marketing tactics work great here too. If visitors can't find your booth, bring your booth to them in the way of roaming mascots and staff with samples or giveaways.

Use Creativity and Design to Grab People's Attention

If you've seen one exhibition space you've seen them all, so how can you be disruptive and stand out from the crowd? Constructing your stand from unexpected materials is a sure way to create a unique space that will be remembered. Upscaled materials like converted shipping containers are great for the environment and can be used time and time again, both for inside and outside events. Surprising materials like delivery boxes are inexpensive, create stunning visual interest and are a great talking point on the day. Even using greenery to bring the outside in could be a great way to establish your brand as environmentally friendly and green.

No matter which approach you take it's important to spend time immersing yourself in similar exhibition and trade show spaces long before the big day. Get familiar with what the industry does as a standard and then look for opportunities where your brand can surprise and delight your potential new customers.

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An expo stand idea
An expo stand idea
An expo stand idea
An expo stand idea