New to the Yoghurt Category — launch of siggi's

One of our favourite activities to get behind is a new product launch. We've established ourselves as FMCG experts and know how to create some buzz.

Lactalis briefed The Marketing Pool to bring siggi's yoghurt to life in-store and online. We had some outstanding brand assets to work with. The range comes with beautiful minimalist packaging that immediately strikes that feeling of being in the countryside and down-to-earth, no fuss living. The strong rustic illustrations complete the design and showcase the natural fruit ingredients used in each flavour.

Lactalis was able to strike an exclusive launch deal with Woolworths, which was great news as we're intimately familiar with the various point of sale and digital marketing opportunities available within the Woolworths suite, so could really hit the ground running. Knowing a 'Bus Stop Ticket' from a 'Sub Category Card' can really make all the difference. Understanding the nuance of each item means you can create appropriate messaging to be seen at each interaction with product.

Our first wave was an awareness campaign — printed items around the store to educate the consumer about the benefits of this great new product vs. other comparable products on the shelf. Our main call out in this wave was "Simple Ingredients – Not a Lot of Sugar" paired with Woolworth's own NEW and TRY ME themed templates. In the second wave, we paired the gorgeous pack shots with beautifully styled recipe suggestions — pancakes, muesli, and more! The final step in this new product launch was a series of creative for social media to help reinforce the strong messages seen in-store, and to provide follow up product benefits and facts to drive home the purchase decision.

If you'd like a hand launching your next product off the ground, or just want to pick our brains for some tips and tricks — book a time to speak to our creative team today.

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siggi's launch poster
siggi's launch Woolworths collateral
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