Take Advantage of Our Existing Relationships with Trusted Suppliers

Being active players in the Marketing game for the last 35 years has its benefits. Over this time, we've seen many suppliers come and go, and watched established suppliers go from strength to strength. It's not all sunshine and rainbows though, we've learned many lessons along the way and have been burned by dodgy suppliers, meaning that you never have to make those same mistakes! We've gained a lot of experience and built decade long relationships that we're happy to lean on to help get you the best deal.

As a business, it often seems tempting to want to take over as much of the admin side of things as possible. You might even think you're saving a few dollars here and there on agency fees and legal costs, but that's just not the case. What ultimately happens is you spend all your time "shopping around" and dealing with all the initial back and forth, getting up to speed with each suppliers processes before you can decipher if they can even do the job at all, or in a timely manner. Sometimes they don't even get back to you!

The Marketing Pool chooses to partner with suppliers who specialise in:

  • Printing all items from POS, drones and spinning wheels!
  • Board construction for bespoke POS and packaging solutions
  • Website SEO and content marketing
  • Sourcing premiums for promotions, sales teams and client gifts
  • Custom builds for exhibitions and trade shows
  • Event staff for activations & events
  • Video production for show reels & staff training tutorials

We have long established relationships with these suppliers meaning we know how to get the best deals, saving your budget to allocate to more important things. Sometimes it's just nicer to let someone else take care of the tricky stuff, and in this case we know we can do it in a way that saves you money too. Have a chat to us today about how we can let you get on with the more important stuff.

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