7 Crucial Steps to Running Your Next Consumer Competition

Running a consumer promotion is a great way to engage with your audience and to get people talking about your brand – but can quickly become overwhelming if you've never run one before. Unexpected problems can jump out from nowhere, and before you know it, it's a race against the clock.

Our trick is to be prepared and to plan for all outcomes ahead of time using our helpful checklist:

Decide early what the main drawcard of your promotion will be. What are you giving away, and what is the total cost involved? Don't forget to factor in shipping or labour costs associated with delivering the prize to the winners!

How will your customers interact with your promotion? Paper entry forms can be a fun tactile way to enter a promotion, but can cost you time and labour to receive and process the entries. Instead a dedicated microsite can handle multiple entries, is a secure way to manage entrants' data and saves you trying to read entrants' messy handwriting!

Decide where and when you will be drawing the prize ahead of time. The time and location will often need to be included in the promotion terms and conditions and, depending on the prize value, may need to be performed by an approved drawing mechanism under the watchful eye of a third-party scrutineer.

Your agency or your lawyers will need to draft detailed terms and conditions that outline all the competition rules and total prize value. This document helps protect you from fraudsters and cheaters, and makes the game more fair and fun for everyone involved.

Permits can take several weeks to be approved depending on your State. It is important to seek advice ahead of time about whether your competition requires a permit, and then apply early enough as the permit numbers need to be printed on the promotional POS.

How will you tell your customers about your promotion, and what will the competition messaging be? You have many channels at your disposal, but it is important to work out what is the smartest and most cost-effective method.

By law you are required to publicly announce all competition winners. You can satisfy this by adding a winners section to your microsite, or by booking a feature in a newspaper like The Australian on the date stated in the promotional terms and conditions.

As you can see, there is a lot of thought and planning to run a successful promotion, and it takes a lot of experience to avoid any hiccups. You can follow this helpful checklist we've put together or, even better, you can get in touch today to allow us to manage this all for you.

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